Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kidney Stone Remedy: Onion A Simple Kidney Stones Remedy

It is not everyone knows but it is true that onion could be use as best kidney stone remedy. It starts working in next 24 hours. I will show what the procedure to make this simple home remedy.


After peel the onion cut down in a 4 pieces. Now boil this with the one glass of water in a pan, but remember one thing you have to boil this slowly. Now wait for some time to cool this mixture. After cool this mixture put it in to the blender and now bled it for some time. Now strain this mixture. Now you can put this mixture in to a container and used of it same time for next three days.


It’s amazing home remedy that starts passing kidney stones in next 24 hours. It will also give relief in the pain as the stone will pass. Such type of more simple remedy you can get in following link :---


  1. To avoid the formation of the kidney stones, drink over 2 liters of water daily.

  2. Thanks for this useful info. I didn't that onions can do much to kidney stones. Labour Hire Companies Brisbane

  3. Some doctors advice not to eat Onions, in any form, in Kidney stones. This is contrary to what the above theory goes !!

  4. Well, that’s a good way to put it, nice insights, works great in clientele explanation and information resource option.

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  5. This is true. Onion is good for stone pain. Once I tried that in stone pain. It did miracle. The painkiller injection could not relief me that day but painkiller did.

  6. Can you tell me while I eat onion in my daily life or not because I m suffered from kindeny stone